Paddy the Beaver in "The Big Oyster"

One day Paddy the Beaver left his lodge, and travelled to New York City to visit his cousin Sofia. She took him to a restaurant down by the harbor. They shared a plate of oysters. Sofia told Paddy that New York is called the Big Apple, but it should have been the big oyster!

Sofia said, that once upon a time,

it seems that there were lots of oysters in the water around New York City.

There were so many oysters, that every restaurant served them! Everyone ate oysters almost every day! Sofia's great great grandmother would buy them from a food cart!

Now the oysters lived on the bottom, and sucked food out of the water to eat it.

There were a million million of them.... which means a trillion.

Every morning, as the sun would rise in the East, all the millions of oysters would open their shells.

They drank up the cloudy water through their little gills, and spat out clean water.

Striped bass would check in on their lunch break and cheer on the oysters.

"Hey, way to go oysters! You guys are doin' a great job down there! Good for you!"

And those little oysters cleaned all the water, for all the other fish and animals.

After work, more little fish would swim by and cheer on the oysters.

"Thanks for eating all the gunk in the water that I would find nasty, little oysters. Good for you!"

And the oysters cleaned all the water all around New York, every day.

And every evening, when the sun would set over Manhattan, the little oysters would close up their little shells, and go to bed. for the night.

The moral of the story is, just because you're crusty on the outside, doesn't mean you can't be a big softy inside! So come out of your shell! And that's a pearl of wisdom.

The End