Mussels in a Nutshell!

Paddy Meets Marie-Mae the Hickorynut Mussel

Capital Ideas, part 2

Paddy Shows Ethan Canada’s Capital City of Ottawa, ON

Capital Ideas, part 1

Ethan Shows Paddy the U.S. Capital City of Washington, DC

In partnership with: Potomac Riverkeeper Network, Ottawa Riverkeeper, Embassy of the United States in Ottawa, Canada 150 Heritage Rivers

Our favourite Canadian beaver is sent back to Washington D.C. on a mission by Captain Nemo. Paddy is joined by Ethan Eagle, who tells him about the “twinning” of the Potomac River in the United States, and the Ottawa River in Canada. Both rivers run through national capitols, and they both played (and a continue to play) a huge role in the life and history of each country. Ethan takes Paddy on an Eagle-Eye trip across the massive Potomac Watershed, while Captain Nemo speaks to the continued efforts of Riverkeepers to protect the waters. The episode ends with Nemo zapping Paddy and Ethan into Canada, to explore the Potomac’s “twin”… and to meet an actual Riverkeeper!

This is Part 1 of a series created in partnership with Ottawa Riverkeeper, Potomac Riverkeeper Network, the Embassy of the United States in Ottawa, and Canada 150 Heritage Rivers. Stay tuned for more Paddy the Beaver “Eco Builder” adventures!

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