Tools Need Batteries

a Paddy the Beaver Eco Builder episode

The Big Pile

Who is the Battery Hero?

What Is A Battery?

An Ecology Science Toon

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Meanwhile, on board the Nautilus, it's time for a Science Toon with Dr. N and Fulgur!
Many things, from clocks to tools to phones to computers to cars and parts of planes, need batteries for electricity.

Without batteries, some of the things we use every day like a clock, or a lot of your toys, or a remote control, wouldn’t work. But just what is a battery, and how does it store electricity? Watch and find out!

Learn what a battery is, how it works and where it should go when it wears out.

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Curriculum Alignments:

Ontario Grade 4: Rocks and Minerals
Ontario Grade 5: Conservation of Energy and Resources
Ontario Grade 6: Electricity and Electrical Devices
BC Grade 4: Science, technology, society, and the environment (STSE)